Sepoy Mutiny

By: Alex, Robert, Bryce, and Anuj

Sepoy Rebellion

The Sepoy rebellion was the Indian rebellion that occurred in 1857. It occurred on May 10, 1857, where many mutinies and civilian rebellions that happened due to oppressive British Rule. Colonization of and conquest of India and the cultural and religious oppression imposed by the Indians by British Rule.

During the British Imperialism, the Indians were taxed and forced to work cheap labor. Indians were then outraged by the defiance and the injustice due to the East Indian Trade Company. Most Indians were also beat if they didn't work. Soon they were fed up. Most Northern and Central States rebelled against the British Rule. Not long after, the Rebellion turned into a full fledged war. Over 1/6 of the Indian population were either killed or harmed in the rebellion. Even though the Indians fought hard, they were quickly defeated by the Great British Army. The Mutiny finally ended late 1859. This Independence act should not be confused with the nonviolent Independence Act of 1947 where India finally gained Independence from the British Empire.