Medical Advances Save Sierra Leone!

Sierra Leone liberated by mass quarantine

Because of our funding for a cure and technological advances, Ebola is going to be eradicated.

For years, Ebola has vexed countries in North Africa and now, doctors seem to have found large decreases in cases. For instance, when doctors did a study of the remaining cases, they found that, "In rural hot spots like Kailahun, case counts had fallen to zero"(Reuters). This probably could have been the result of a mass quarantine placed on heavily affected countries such as Guinea. More tests were run in Sierra Leone and the results were a drastic change from the previous tests. In addition, when doctors declared Sierra Leone free of Ebola, a citizen said, “This time last year we were putting thousands of people into body bags, people were scared unable to go out. Today we are free” (Aljazeera). In the excerpt, the survivor explains how they were “unable to go out”. They were unable to go out because of police heavily monitoring the transmission of Ebola. Funding from wealthy countries such as England the United States has helped us obtain enough resources and money to diminish the spread of Ebola.Hence our advancements in technology we can gain more ground in treating the epidemic that has haunted Africa for decades, Ebola. For example, technology has helped us gain medical breakthroughs such as, “A robot has replaced its human predecessor using a super computer brain to calculate drug doses in seconds” (Telegraph). New technology has helped us make more precise calculations in seconds. Also, due to our advanced technology we can work more complicated issues such as finding as vaccine for Ebola. In conclusion, Ebola will be decimated due to government actions,funding from the people, and new technological breakthroughs.

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