Rhode Island

Grace Schroeder

The way it Started

Williams came to Boston in the new world on February 5th, 1631 for religious freedom. He became a minster in many towns, but he had to move every time because his ideas of religion were too radical for most people.

Fun Facts

  • Rhode Island was the last of the first 13 colonies to be settled
  • Roger Williams bought the land for the colony from the Native Americans, instead of just taking it

The way Rhode Island came to be

Roger Williams finally got banished for his views and decided to buy his own land from the Native Americans. He made a new settlement called Rhode Island in 1635. Rhode Island became a haven for persecuted people judged on their religion.

Rhode Island Colony

Rhode Island was safe for many religions such as Anabaptist, Quaker, and Jewish. It was settled in the North East and its geographic location was in New England. More fishing, lumbering, and trade were common economic outcomes of colony of Rhode Island start.


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