Event Coordinator

By: Ela Wojtasik


Event coordinators take care all aspects of events and professional meetings. Some of their responsibilities include arranging locations, meeting with clients, taking care of the finances, and booking food services. Event planners must know how to multi-task as well as have a flexible work schedule. A good event planner is a good negotiator, has social skills, knows how to budget, and is organized.
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Education/Training Needed

To become an event coordinator it is good to have at least a bachelors' degree. Some majors related to this career are hospitality management, communications, and public relations. Many employers also prefer if you have one or two years of work experience.

Work Environment

Most event coordinators work for private companies. About 1 in 10 have their own business. Event planners spend time in an outside of an office. They can be at meetings or visiting hotels and convention centers. Their work is very fast paced and most have to work additional hours.
  • Job Outlook 2014-24: 10% (faster than average)
  • Number of Jobs: 100,000
  • Salary: $46,490 per year
  • $22.35 per hour

Similar Occupations: food service manager, fundraiser, and travel agent

High School Preparation

Some courses that would help and are offered at Leyden are entrepreneurship, the work program, hotel and travel, marketing, and business. Some clubs that would help you gain a little experience are class advisory and student council. You could also get an internship or shadow an event planner to get experience.


1. Columbia University, NY

This is my top college because it is an IV league school that would guarentee I get a great education.

2. Northwestern University, IL

I chose this college because it offers a variety of majors and has unique facilities.

How To Be An Event Planner