The Monkey's Paw

By: Shaylee Reed and Bryn Lang

The POV is in Third Person Limited

We know that the story is third person limited because they use key words like (he, she, it, and they) and it tells us throughout the book what one character is thinking and hearing.

Summary of the book: The Monkey's Paw

The Monkey's Paw is about a family named the White's who receive a monkey's paw from a man. What they didn't know is that the paw was magical but no the good kind of magic. Mr. White makes a wish that they would have 2 hundred pounds to pay off the taxes on their house but the wish he made turned into something horrible. It turns out the White's son named Herbert died and for his death a man gave the Whites 2 hundred pounds. The whites were so devastated that Mrs. White wished her son back to life. Mr. White didn't really know what to think about that because his first wish turned into something terrible. That night they heard a knock at the door Mr. White was sure it was Herbert and Mrs. White ran down the stairs at that moment Mr. White grabs the monkey paw and makes his last wish. Downstairs he hears his wife scream he ran down and looks out the door and sees that the road is completely empty.

Characters of The Monkey's Paw

Literary Devices

Personification- pg.95 As I wished the paw twisted in my hand like a snake

Simile- pg.98 He put out his hands out like a sightless man

Imagery- pg. 96 She noticed that the stranger was well dressed and wore a silk hat of glossy newness.

Summary of the book

The Monkey's Paws is a adventurous but sad book of a monkey's paw and the curse it holds. The monkeys paw has three wishes and to make the wish come true something bad happens first. I recommend this book for ages 10 and up.
The Monkey's Paw Summary