2017 EOG review Ideas

Have kids create a game for others to play

Amy Smith's kids found this site and created games for each other to play for review. A link to the site and an example are below.


This is an app you download to scan the room. A type of augmented reality program. Just download a set of cards before hand, create your questions, and scan. Made for non 1:1 classrooms, but I think our kids would think it was cool to do a couple times! (see demonstration)

Create a Jeopardy Game for others to play (or have students create)

The 2 jeopardy sites below are super easy to use for you or your students! You can create one (or give them categories and have them create questions) for review. Don't forget we have buzzers (Eggsperts) you can check out too!

Student Tutorials

Have students create tutorials in iMovie or Educreations (we have logins to this program through "Clever") to explain concepts. Post them somewhere or give them to another class so students have an audience. If you are uncomfortable with Educreations, let me know and I can show you how. See examples of educreations below!

QR Scavenger Hunt or GPS Scavenger Hunt

Create QR codes that take students around the building or use our GPS units to do a treasure hunt outside. Takes a lot of prep work before but students will love it! Amy Smith has done it before so see her for tips!

Play Whole class games for review

Get kids up and moving! We all love Family Feud! Or what about Tic Tac Toe? Or Four corners? Also cool is the Round Robin Post it review! Or baseball review! Or Two Truths and a lie?

Play I have Who has games

These around the world type of games are fun and get students moving! I have lots for math and there are lots on Teachers pay teachers! I have linked a template for you as well!

Whiteboard quiz

Traditional Game- oldie but goodie! Give each student a whiteboard and a marker and call out questions. Have them write the answer and hold it up when you ask to do a quick check of "who gets it".


There are so many great pre made Kahoot games, this choice takes no time! You can use it for a quick assessment for groupings or to just review a topic.

Carousel Review

While taking part in Carousel Brainstorming, small groups of students rotate around the classroom, stopping at various “stations” for a designated period of time (usually 1-2 minutes). At each station, students activate their prior knowledge of a topic or concept and share their ideas with their small group. Each group posts their ideas at each station for all groups to read.

Stations for Review

Teachers pay Teachers

So many free resources on here! Check out the link below to FREE 5th Grade math games and cumulative math projects! Then, do your own search and see what you can find!


Big image
Big image

Combining answers

Give each student a different coloured sticky note and ask them to write down their answer to a particular question (not multiple choice). They then had to find their group members (students with matching coloured sticky notes) and place their sticky notes in the 4 corners of the paper they had. After reading through and discussing all the answers, they then had to collaborate and combine their answers to make the best possible answer. Click below to see a visual.

Active Test Prep

Looking for ideas to get your kids up and moving!? Try some of these!