Help Wanted

House of Representatives


  • Must be at least 25 years old
  • at least seven years of citizenship
  • inhabitant of the state from which chosen

Duties of the Job

  • make laws
  • evaluates bills performs oversight funtion
  • two year job

Salary and special perks or compensation of the job

  • salary:$141,300
  • Perks:tax deductions, travel allowances, lowcost health insurance, pension plan, money for offices and staff, franking privelages
  • Privileges: members of congress are immune from arrest for misdemeanors during congressional sessions and may not be sued for libel

Personal traits wanted in the applicant for the job

  • for the House we would like a delegate or a politico
  • delegate-acts as the constituents agents, regardless of person belief
  • politico- combines roles of trustee, delegate, and partisan and act as a "practical" politician