War in Pride and Prejudice

Napoleonic war, French and American revolutions

Napoleonic Wars:

Jane Austen wrote during continuous war periods and struggled to have enough food through the war. Men and women were equally affected because while men had to fight, women had to deal with men being gone and still care for their families.

American Revolution

The American Revolution was between America's thirteen colonies and Great Britain. America was expected to lose since Great Britain had a lot more power but America used strategies of war and was able to escape the rule of Great Britain.

French Revolution:

Relation between past and modern teens

Back in the day, people were more likely to get drafted while today, our teens are much less likely to get drafted to war as it is more of a choice in our current time. Wars back then were more involved with teenager's daily lives compared to how involved it is with some teens now.

Predictions for Pride and Prejudice

We think it's possible that one of the main characters could be drafted into the war, which would have a big effect on the book, OR the wars could affect the love lives of everyone and split people up which would also dramatically change the book.