Mrs. Odenweller's

Fintastic Firsties


Please continue to check your child's folder each night for any notes or comments, including those regarding behavior and initial inside the small box within the larger one. The small conduct charts need to remain in their folders and come to school every day to ensure consistency and effective classroom management.

When sending money to school, please put in an envelope or small bag with your child's name, how much was sent and purpose for the money. Please send exact amounts as I am unable to make change.

I sent home notes on Friday regarding the new snack policy but I noticed some students forgot theirs so I wanted to add it here.

We will be changing the snacks that are allowed at school for our class “snack time.” This is due to information that we recently received from administration.

Beginning Monday, the only snacks that will be allowed during class are:

· Goldfish

· Fresh Fruit (not fruit cups)

· Fruit Snacks

· Cheese Crackers (Ritz-type crackers with cheese in the middle)

Please remember that students are still working as they have their snack. It is not meant to be time taken out of instruction or an additional meal.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!



14 - Fundraiser Begins

16 - Fall Pictures

29 - Fundraiser Ends


1 - College Spirit Day! Wear your college t-shirts!

8 - PTO Meeting


15 - Open House

21 - Early Dismissal

23-30 - Red Ribbon/Bully Prevention Week

30 - Great Day of Reading


2 - College Spirit Day! Wear your college t-shirts!

4 - Picture Retakes


Last week we brainstormed our background knowledge to add to our schema while reading. We also made text to self, text to text and text to world connections after reading a variety of books. Next week students will be learning how to sequence stories to help them retell.


We are still in the process of building our writing folders and learning strategies to make us better writers. We have been working on adding details and using capital letters when needed and the appropriate punctuation. Next week, we will continue to grow as writers and learn how to create a hook to catch the reader's attention and learn how to turn our stories into books!


Last week, we began our long unit on weather. We discussed different types of weather and began graphing September weather. Next week, we will examine clouds, wind and temperature.


Last week, we began our unit on number sense. Students are expected to count orally from 0 to 120 forwards and backwards so we have been practicing with songs and during our calendar time. Students brainstormed ways we could represent numbers and completed a number book to show different ways. We will continue building number sense next week and hopefully begin our unit on addition and subtraction to 12.


We have continued to discuss rules and expectations at school. We took a tour of the school and made a VIP list of people in our school, their job titles and responsibilities. We also learned about timelines and began presenting our timelines! I have loved seeing the pictures and learning more about more awesome kiddos! Next week, we will finish presenting timelines and begin our unit on patriotism and US symbols.