Italian Project

By Lyda La and Eriq Isom


1. An informal greeting is used when talking to friends or family.
2. A greeting is usually done with a handshake, hug, or kiss.
3. When meeting the opposite gender, the man lowers his head and the woman puts out her hand.
4. When wanting to shake hands and it is dirty, an alternative is: forearm, finger, or an apology.
5. A handshake is commonly used in America as well when greeting a friend or someone new.

Personale Aspetto

1. Italians like to dress up for anything as simple as going to the market.
2. They take pride in their clothing and don't wear worn or sloppy clothes.
3. Teens like to wear expensive , brand-name clothing that follow new trends.
4. Kind of how we do in America, people in Italy base their opinion on how a person dresses, but mostly how old they are.
5. Italy is a major place for fashion or personal appearance.


1. Italians mostly visit on holidays or Sundays.
2. Like in America, a host would usually offer the guest food or a drink.
3. Coming over at dinner time often requires guest to bring gifts for the host.
4. Coming over before dinner time, that usually means guests stay for the meal, if not, that's consider impolite.
5. A guest would be polite and wait for the host sit down before eating and for them to offer more servings.


1. Italian are well known for using hand gestures during conversations which is a way of expressing themselves.
2. In some conversations Italians use hand gestures rather than words.
3. When you're pulling down your bottom eyelid, you're indicating that single person is clever.
4. In reference to Pinocchio indicating the person is lying to you.
5. A male removing his hat when entering a building is a sign of respect.

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

1.It was designed by Giuseppe Sacconi and was finished in 1935.
2. Was to honor the first king of unified Italy.

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