Antelope High School Library News

February 2018

Book Speed Dating: Love is in the Air!

The Library and English Department have been working hard to establish a better reading culture here at Antelope High School. So far Mrs. Warr's and Mrs. Cook's students have found their "dream book dates" by spending a few minutes with several possible candidates and then selecting their perfect match. Even Mrs. Patten's Student Government kids got in on the fun.
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STEAMing Ahead at AnHS: Tinkering Studio at Lunch

Encourage your students to come and check out the Tinkering Studio at lunch in the


Upcoming activities include:

February 5th-February 14th: Valentine's Cards with Simple Circuits

February 20th-March 23rd: Makey Makey and Scratch Coding Projects

Local Teen Librarian Brings Lunchtime Activities to AnHS

Encourage your students to come and check out the STEAM activities coordinated through our North Highlands-Antelope Library Partnership.

Upcoming activities include:

February 7th - Geometry Folding with Tessellations -1st Lunch

February 21st - Newspaper and Tape Structures - 2nd lunch

Tech Tip of the Month

Want to use a digital whiteboard for collaboration and then collect all of your students' work in a digital dropbox? Try out the web whiteboard from AWW and click "Start drawing" (Credit).

Create a Digital Dropbox for Your Students' Whiteboard Creations

  1. Go to: and log into your account.
  2. Create a form with the following (or similar) fields:
    – Class (optional)
    – First Name
    – Last Name
    – Project Name
    – Notes/Description
    – URL
  3. Click the blue link at the bottom of the page to view the published form.
  4. Shorten the URL of the published form (use or another shortener) and share it with the students, or embed the form into a blog, wiki, or webpage.

Note – Once the dropbox form is created, it can be used over and over again.

Students and the Digital Dropbox

Each time students want to submit a project, they will:

  1. Go to the “Digital Drop Box” form. (The shortened URL provided by their teacher.)
  2. Fill out the form. (It is best to copy the URL of their project/product and paste it into the form.)
  3. Click “Submit.”

Teacher Viewing of the Whiteboards

1. Go to

2. Click the title of the form you created earlier. This will open the spreadsheet that is “gathering” the students’ assignments.

3. For easy viewing, use one or both of these options

a. In the Normal View, sort the columns to order the rows by class, by assignment,

and/or by student name.

b. In the List View, use the pull-down menus at the top to easily find (filter) each class,

each assignment, or each student.

4. Click the URL and choose to “go to link.” This will open a new tab or window in your

browser and will display the student’s project.

Teacher Tech Tools

Check out the Library Webpage for a collection of favorite technology applications in the classroom. From presentations to organization, videos to comics, photos to avatars, the opportunities are limitless for your students and you. Try one new resource each month and let me know what you think. Check them out here or on the Library Webpage.