Jacob and Ana

What it is used for

Hydropower is used only on electricity, for example, electric cars not normal cars.

Remember that.

Hydroelectricity is formed by the the natural movement of water that flows into and is stored in a revisor. The water is then released and flows through a turbine, spinning the water which activates the generator to produce ELECTRICITY!!!!!!!!! Yay.

Things to know while is being formed

Hydroelectricity doesn't pollut the air and doesn't damage homes (thankfully). It is renewable, which means that it can be replaced. It's water. Of course it can be replaced. Rain. Enough said.

Only used for stuff that requires electricity to run.

A great way to replace fossil fuels

Hydroelectricity is a renewable resource. Renewable resources are used by only 10%. To learn more about hydroelectricity.

To learn more about this go to http://water.usgs.gov/edu/wuhy.html!