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Just Another Day Of Learning

We miss our students, but are so happy to see how many of them are spending their days. Keeping that thinking mindset is so important!! We can learn so much just by slowing down and really taking a look at the world around us. Reading, writing, reflecting, stretching, drawing, creating, and discovering can be so much fun. All we need is a growth mindset!

Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. Our teachers have been working hard, reflecting, planning, and learning new ways to provide guidance and support to our students. Let's stay connected!!

Soap The Germ Fighter

Logan's observations and analysis is spot on!!! He demonstrates the importance of washing our hands with soap.
Logan’s Science Experiment and Observations

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: North Elementary Leprechauns Catching Leprechauns

Our very own North Elementary Leprechauns were busy Monday building traps to capture Leprechauns. Some of these traps were pretty clever, including blueprints. They followed the rainbow for that pot of gold, and discovered that they'll have to try again next year! We even had one of our own Leprechauns get trapped herself.

Routines and Schedules are Important

It is important during this time to create a daily schedule and establish some routine. This will help reduce anxiety for you and your child while providing some sense of normalcy. Its important to have your child be involved in creating their daily routine. In addition to providing them some ownership and help them know what to expect, it will give you a sense of organization during this time. To get started, ask your child about their daily schedule at school, and see what they would like to add into their schedule at home.

Here are some ideas to put in the schedule: Reading block, Writing Block, ELA/Humanities, Math, STEM, Art, Music, physical activity, free play, discovery or inquiry, technology, chores, outside activity, quiet time, morning meeting, etc. Don't forget to add some yoga or meditation in the schedule! It is a great way to establish some good habits, that can help with self awareness and self regulation. Ask your child to model a morning meeting with you.

Dr. Manchester and Mrs. Brown's challenge of the week.

Students: Create a schedule and routine. Write it out and be creative. Ask an adult to help you. However, it will be important for you to really think hard about how to spend your day making sure you are being responsible getting some work done. Once you finish your schedule and put it up in a special place, take a picture near it and send it to me. You may end up in the next North Tiger Beat newsletter. Email your picture to or by Sunday. That way your schedule will be ready to go for Monday.
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Bagged Lunches for Somerset Students

For students in Somerset and Somerset Berkley Regional who receive free or reduced-price lunches, we are providing grab-and-go lunches at two different locations: North Elementary School and Somerset Berkley Regional High School. These lunches are available for pick-up Monday through Friday between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM.