My Summer Plans!!

By: Chloe Brown

My First Plan... is to go horse showing!!

I plan to go to Lincoln and show my horse every other weekend.

My Second Plan... Is go to my sister's wedding!!

I am going to be my sisters Made Of Honor in her wedding in July.

My Third Plan... Is to Go swimming!!

I am going to Kansas after my sister's wedding and we are going to go to Oceans of fun!

My Fourth Plan... Is to babysit!!

I like to babysit with Lilly and make money to spend on summer time clothes!

My Fifth Plan... Is to go to state 4-H with my horse!!

I plan to go to state 4-H in July right before my sister's wedding!

My Sixth Plan... Is to go to basketball camps!!

I want to go to basketball camps this summer to hopefully improve on my skills.