UHMS - Parent Newsletter 2.0

March 2020 Edition II - Mid Week Check In

First Week of Virtual Learning!

Hello Phoenix Families -

We wanted to take some time to check in with you all again about our first week of Virtual Learning. So far, we have most of our scholars into their google classrooms, working, and studying the assignments given by their teachers. But, there are still a significant amount of scholars who have yet to join their classrooms and begin their enrichment activities. This is very important because teachers are posting new material for scholars to learn next week, as well as providing grades on their progress. We know this is new to everyone but we appreciate your patience and support as we navigate the new normal, together. Most of the items in this newsletter are repeat from last week but we want to make sure you're well informed and understand what your scholars are doing at UHMS.

Uplift Hampton Admin Team -

Mrs. Parhms. , Mrs. Cormier, Mr. Deacon, Mrs. Mangum

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Report Cards were sent out electronically through Parent Portal on Friday, March 20th.

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Virtual Spirit Week!

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Everything a Hampton Parent Needs to Know - About Virtual Learning!

Overview: UHMS will be providing lessons from our teachers! That's right, starting Monday, March 23rd scholars can login to their teachers google classroom/online classroom to watch recorded lessons and complete assignments from their grade level teachers. Each day, a different content/teacher(s) will offer virtual lessons from their google classrooms, in addition to office hours where you and your scholar can ask clarifying questions on assignments and lessons via virtual or by email.

What days will each content/teacher offer his/her lesson?

Review the Hampton Virtual Schedule below. Where is says "Network Options", scholars will still log on the the Uplift Youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2ViG3HABnAV0ypHovvR1w. Scholars will then follow the rest of the UHMS schedule as listed for that day.

How does my scholar get access to their teacher's Google Classroom?

Under the section "UHMS Teacher Google Classroom Codes", scholars will find their teachers names and use the code under "Google Classroom" to join their google classroom on google. Be sure to watch the video under that section that shows you and you scholar the step by step process.

Grades: We understand that its a trying time with adjusting to virtual learning. With that said, we are strongly encouraging you to motivate your scholars to complete the assignments/tasks that are being asked of them so they continue learning and getting prepared for their next grade level. Teachers will be keeping documentation of scholars progress on these assignments and will be communicating with you, just as if we were on campus.

UHMS Virtual Learning Schedule

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How does my scholar follow this schedule?

Example: This scenario will act as though today is Tuesday.

Since today is Tuesday, the scholar will only watch and complete lessons for Science, Math, and Spanish.

1. Scholar goes to the Uplift Youtube channel to watch the lessons for Science, Math, and Spanish (for their grade only) at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2ViG3HABnAV0ypHovvR1w.

2. Scholar then goes to their Science, Math, and Spanish teacher's google classrooms to watch additional lessons and complete assignments from those teachers.

3. Scholar can ask questions or have a short tutoring lesson with those teachers based on their Office Hours. More information about this can be found on the teachers Google Classroom.

4. Repeat Steps 1 - 3 each day.

UHMS Teacher Google Classroom Codes

6th Grade

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7th Grade

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8th Grade

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How does my scholar join a teacher's Google Classroom?

ParentVideo: How to join a GoogleClassroom

Distance Learning Tips for Parents and Scholars

  • Troubleshoot by practice logging in ahead of time! Have your scholar practice logging into the computer, google classroom, and the other academic sites their teacher are using. Such as Study Island, Khan Academy, or Achieve 3000. Go into each google classroom and click on the links their teachers are providing, to ensure their are no issues with downloading. If you experience any log in issues, please reach out to edtech@uplifteducation.org and the teacher of that google classroom.

  • Scholars should join their google classroom using their real name, not nicknames. Several scholars have done this and has made it difficult to identify them. This makes it difficult for teachers to support and keep accurate documentation on your scholar progress. Have your scholar open their google classroom account to check if their name is correct.

  • Create a schedule that works for you and your scholar! We understand many of you are working and it makes it difficult to monitor your scholar progress. Sit down together and create a specific schedule for you and your family that still allows your scholar time to study, work, and rest. Some scholars may needs frequent breaks in between each content lesson and some can work for hours at a time. Do what's best for your scholar! If you need suggestions, there are several distance learning schedules online you can use or you can reach out to your grade level dean for support.

  • If you have multiple scholars with limited technology. Create a rotation schedule with 2-3 hours rotations. For example, Scholar #1 has the ipad/laptop from 8-11, (everyone has lunch from 11 - 12pm) Scholar #2 has the ipad/laptop from 12 - 3, and Scholar #3 has the ipad/laptop from 3 -6pm. In between times, siblings can help their other siblings, read a book, journal, listen to music, complete a puzzle, or have some personal down time.

  • Write down teacher office hours and tutoring times and post them for you and your scholar to see. If you and your scholar have a question, your can refer to this document and reach out for support. There is a teacher available every day to answer questions or tutor scholars virtually.

FAMILY TIME TIPS --- Cabin Fever, Help!

Take up some sun: Go outside and just enjoy the fresh air. Take some time to talk about the current state of our country or make plans for when you can socialize with society again.

TV/Movie: Find a family, friendly, television show or movie to watch together. Pair it with a favorite household snack.

Dance Challenge: Find a song and create a family routine. Record it and send it to friends and family!


Did you capture some exciting things over spring break? Have some great pictures of your scholars interacting at home or engaging with their lessons online?

Send us your pictures so they can be in our next Parent Newsletter!

Email them to:





Counselor's Corner - Ms. Jackson

Additional Family Support Resources

Need to Contact a Teacher?

Email is the best way to get into contact with teachers. However, each UHMS grade level has created a Remind Group that you can join so you can communicate with the entire grade level or specific teachers as needed. You can download the app and simply enter the class codes below or send a text to 81010 with the class code in the text box.(you must include the @ sign in the classcode)

Class Codes

6th: @4ddcce

7th: Mr. Deacon will be sending one out to parents

8th: @8hpms

Need to Meet With Administration?

1. Request a Virtual Meeting: Now that we cannot meet face to face, send us a request via email to meet virtually - Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom, etc to discuss your concerns "face to face".

2. Email – All emails addresses can be found on our Uplift Website as well as at the bottom of every newsletter. Emailing can possibly save time by eliminating phone tag especially if a call back may occur during difficult to answer situations such as work hours. All emails will be responded to within 48 business hours.

We thrilled with your outstanding engagement in your child’s education and we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.