The Origin of Electronic Music

By: Hagan Bownds (Carper 7th Period)

Why was music created?

Music was created for the entertainment of people. It has also been around for thousands of years, with many more years to come. Scientists have found instruments to make music dating back to as fare as 90,000 years ago.

What is one reason that music producers still create album covers for music that is directly downloaded via the internet?

Album covers communicate information about the peron and their love for music. While also sending mixed signals to the listener by creating a unique cover. This way the artist can reach out to people while also convincing them to but their music.

What makes electronic music "electronic"?

Sometimes electronic music is made with "fake instruments" others with programmed drums and auto-tunned voices. In truth its a lot of random noises thatn come together in a rythematic way so the mind has a way to occupy its self.

How was music first created?

It was created when people realized that sound could be organized in a rythematic way that made a lot of the population happy and occupied. Although many think it was an attempt to re-create the sounds offten heard from nature. Other think that people made sound in groups - which they still do today - and learned from each others patterns develop.

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