Inquiry Based 1:1 Lesson

by Jamie Fox WPMS (6th)


Students are shown a picture of a student who has fallen asleep in class. Students are asked to make predictions about what they think is going on in the picture and what could be wrong. They are to write their thoughts down. Teacher will model how to do this.

Should School Start Later?


Students are given a SCOPE magazine with the article “Should School Start Later?” that has arguments and research for both sides.

Let the process begin!

The Inquiry Process continues.....


Students will use conversation to understand and look at relevancy of pro and con statements. They will evaluate and choose the most beneficial to their argument.

Students interact with others to formulate arguments to solve this as a real problem for them and to answer their own question.

Create and Reflect

Students will formulate a persuasive essay in Google docs. They will present their claim to peers. Students will listen and evaluate their peers on content and speaking behavior.

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