Week 1 - Les Gens

French IV Section 1 - Summer 2015

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Unité 1 - Les Gens

Welcome to the first week of French IV! In this course students will continue to sharpen their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills using a variety of instructional methos to address different learning styles. The course is organized into 8 unit spread across 8 weeks (1 unit/week). Students will begin with Unit 1: Les Gens. Assignments due this Friday, June 19 include:

Les Gens 1A - Discussion/Wiki "Introduce yourself:"

Les Gens 1A - Review Quiz:
Les Gens 1C - Discussion French Blog "Famille"

Les Gens - TPR Quiz 1C

Les Gens 1F - Devoir Ecrit
Les Gens - Section 1 Quiz

Les Gens 2A -Dictée
Les Gens 2A - French blog "Histoire"

Les Gens 2B - Devoir Pluriel
Les Gens 2C - Discussion/wiki "Jacques Cousteau:" (Record your voice too).
Les Gens - Section 2 Quiz
Les Gens 3C - Discussion/wiki "Jeu de boules"

Les Gens 3D - Dictée

Les Gens - Section 3 Quiz

Les Gens - Unit Exam

Before beginning coursework, it is important that students complete these required tasks:

1. Save and print the due dates calendar (under link "Mon Calendrier" in Bb).

2. Orientation

3. Register for instant messaging (“BB IM”)

4. Academic Integrity Quiz

5. Beginning of Course Questionnaire

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Required Live Classroom Sessions

As a part of the requirements of the course, students are expected to attend weekly live sessions with the instructor (1 session/unit). The dates/times of live sessions will be provided in this section of the newsletter each week. The first live session on Unit 1: Les Gens is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 18 at 9pm. *TIME HAS CHANGED!* If this date/time does NOT work for students they should contact the instructor. The instructor will communicate with students in course announcements should the date/time change.

To access the live classroom, students should click the link in Blackboard titled "Live Classroom French 4." It is suggested that for the first time they arrive approximately 15 minutes early to ensure that they are able to enter the chat room and check the functionality of all tools. Students should log in with both their first and last names, or if attending by teleconference, they should identify themselves to the instructor upon entry.
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The link to enter the live classroom is located in Blackboard in the navigation bar to the left of the screen. It is at the bottom of the section titled "Course Links."
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#1 - The link to enter the live classroom will open a new window where students will be prompted to "sign in" with their first and last names.

#2 - The teleconference feature should student encounter technical difficulty when entering the room (loss of internet connectivity or other technical issue). Students should identify themselves upon entry and then mute their phones.

The Instructor

Mme Karen Miller is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She began her career in 2009 at a classical school in Fayetteville, NC teaching French levels I-IV. She currently teaches French I with NCVPS from home. She has two children, a stepdaughter, Madison (8) and a son, Aiden (2). She lives with her husband, children and dog, Ella (also 8) in Raeford, NC.