Mimi Rossi

Arezzo Tuscany Italy

Michelangelo was born is a Village and communal the province of Arezzo Tuscany Italy
Was born March 6, 1475
Spent most of his life in Giverny a town near Paris
He lacked formal education
He moved a lot, was married, he was a talented at sculpting and painting, most of his work was never finished
He created paintings and sculptures " Head an alien", "Moddana of stars" "David"
His patrons were Saint Ansgor and Saint Knud

The Crucifixion of Saint Peter

Created in 1601
Could see it today in Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome and a book called Lost and Found written by Tomas J. Craughwell
Its most significant because it was noted the most interesting innovation MIchelangelo implemented in this piece
This painting is showing a man pinned to a board, it is violent, cruel and disturbing.
Humanism is closely linked because in the painting Saint Peter is being targeted and struggling and in humanity there is a lot of struggles.

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