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Monday Memo #35

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Dear T.E.A.M. :

What a busy, exciting time of year for us! While there are certain times of year that we rev up and other times that we rev down, I want to take a moment this week to recognize one of our departments that never seem to get a break...and never seem to take a rest: our music department. This past weekend, our student musicians represented at a Music in the Parks competition...after competing in a Five Towns College competition...after a successful Spring Concert series. I could go on and on about how great the music sounded, and how well-prepared the students were. I could also dive into how music teachers differentiate instruction and use data to inform their teaching and student learning.

But instead...I think I will just share an example from last week's Grade 7 and 8 Concert. Here's the link, which was recorded and shared on social media by Nancy Hughes (Ryan's Mom and our PTO Co-President):

HBMS Jazz Band Performing Vehicle by the Ides of March:


Invest a few minutes of your time this week to watch and listen to this. Our kids were amazing! Think of the conversation you could strike up with one of them this week, that begins by praising their hard work and poise. We know, these performances take PRACTICE!

And just a side-note: The title of the song is VEHICLE. Do you see the irony? Think of the work we all do for kids, think of the dialogue noticing a kid in this video may spark. Think of the student who we think we know in our classrooms, who may surprise us with their musical expertise. Music is a VEHICLE and our words, chosen well, may just be a VEHICLE for student success...and we've got the seize the opportunity.

Happy listening...let's have a great week together, with our kids and for our kids.

Thanks for all you do, for our middle school students and our program.



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