Feed Mill Manager

Job Description

State of the art beef , and pork are processed at high qualities and delivered to our partners our advanced technologies create innovation an creative solutions to our problems. Most of our customers that buy from us are traditional supermarkets , warehouses , deli's an grocers.

Job Interations

Level of School Required

You Can have high school diploma or GED but our company prefers Bachelor Degree in Ag Enginerring , Agriculture business or related field.


70,000$ a year

Where can you work in the world/U.S. in this Career

Anywhere a feed mill is located in any of the states an where a mill is .

Things I Find Interesting About This Career

A few things I find interesting about this career is that you don't have to have a lot of school to have this career. Its hard labor an it pays well for the current moment its a decent career if you are looking to take care of your family.

Development after getting this career?

You can be able to get this career with a high school diploma but you can also use the money you earn to get a higher degree possibly advancing your pay in your career.