Romeo and Juliet

Chaz Taibi

Balthasar Ruins Everything

Romeo and Juliet’s death happened because of Romeo’s servant, Balthasar. The reason it was Balthasar’s fault is because he told Romeo that Juliet was dead ruining the Friar’s plan to reunite the couple. Balthasar, being at Juliet’s fake funeral, assumed she was dead and ran to Romeo to tell him she was dead causing Romeo to freak out and return to Verona. Balthasar sees Juliet’s fake funeral and speeds by horse to Romeo where he tells him that, “her immortal part with angels lives” (5.1.17). This puts Romeo into a rage which causes him to immediately go to Verona. When Balthasar and Romeo arrived at the tomb, Balthasar left leaving Romeo alone allowing him to kill himself. When Romeo tells Balthasar to leave, Balthasar should’ve stayed but he, “departed not and left him there” (5.3.277). Balthasar left Romeo alone at the tomb knowing how distraught and upset he was about Juliet’s death which was a mistake because it allowed Romeo to kill himself. If Balthasar hadn’t told Romeo Juliet was dead and hadn’t left him alone, the plan might have worked, and they would still be alive.
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Romeo is a very passionate and loving being. Romeo’s emotions play a big part in every decision he makes. Romeo quickly falls in love with Juliet right after mourning over Rosaline and wants “thou consent to marry us” ( 2.3.64). Romeo is looking for someone to love girl after girl and his emotions are driving him to find someone. When Romeo and Tybalt come to a confrontation Romeo chooses not to fight him because he claims he, “ loves thee better than thou canst devise” (3.1.66). Romeo’s emotions get in the way of his confrontation with Tybalt and he wouldn’t draw on him. When Romeo finds out that Juliet is “dead” his emotions cause him to react and say, “ come cordial and not poison, go with me to Juliet’s grave where I will use thee” (5.3.85-86). Romeo’s emotions cause him to over react and kill himself with the poison in Juliet’s grave. Romeo lets his emotions take over his actions and through my opinion, is the whole reason they ended up in the mess they were in.

Romeo and Juliet

There was a boy and a girl,

At first sight they fell in love.

Their families hated each other,

They wanted to be together anyways.

They were joined in marriage,

Tragedy struck and their love split.

The world tore their love apart,

But they kept fighting for it.

Juliet's plan was supposed to join them,

Instead it ended in the tragic death of both.

When Romeo and Juliet met, they fell in love. Their families are in the middle of an ancient feud and would forbid their marriage. Juliet fell in love with her enemy as she says,"my only love, spring from my only hate!" (1.5.154)