#WE Rise

Links to Remote Learning for Week of Oct. 2 - Oct. 5, 2020

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Happy October!

The beautiful, magical month of October is here. We are excited to continue learning from school and home.

On Thursday, Oct. 8, A day students will have their yearbook pictures taken at school in the morning by Strawbridge Studios. Remote students are invited to come have their pictures taken between 7:30 - 8:30 on Tuesday. If you would like to buy pictures, please complete the form that was sent home and return it to school with payment on Tuesday. You can also order pictures online. Please make sure you have the picture form with the correct date. If you need a picture form, please ask your teacher or call the school office 336-838-4261. Read more about pictures below.

This week, B day students will attend school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A day students will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday. Remote students will continue learning from home.

Wherever you are learning today, RISE and SHINE and have a great day! #WERise

School Pictures this week!

It's picture time for our A day students! Strawbridge Studios will be there on Thursday, October 8 to take pictures of A day students. An envelope for you to place your pre-paid order was sent home last week. Please return your envelope and payment (made payable to Strawbridge) to school on Thursday with your A day students if you want to purchase a picture package. You can also order and pay online IN ADVANCE.

For our remote learners, you can come to school between 7:30 - 8:30 on Thursday, October 8 to get your pictures made. All students will be screened prior to entering the building.

Please make sure you are using the picture envelope with the date of October 8. If you need an order envelope or have questions, please call our school office at 336-838-4261.

Plan A Begins on Tuesday, October 20th!

Email your jokes to Mrs. Spears!

Click the picture of your teacher below to get your day started!

About Attendance

Parents, during remote learning, note that in order for us to count your child in attendance off site, we must verify that the student is engaged (completing and submitting assignments), on pace (participating in the virtual classroom), or receiving academic/emotional support (directly from the teacher). If this isn't happening, your child will be counted absent. Please make sure that your child is submitting work and that you are communicating with the teacher daily. If your child is attending face to face (A/B days), we will take attendance as usual on the at school days and mark your child PRESENT ON SITE (or ABSENT unless special circumstances exist). Thanks in advance for your help!