St Mary's School Donnybrook

2021 Week 7 Term 2

We want our children to be: Caring, Believers, Open, Secure, Well-Balanced, Generous, Creative

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Dates to Remember

Friday 4 June: Casuals for Catholics Free Dress Day

Monday 7 June: Public Holiday No School

Tuesday 8 June: Catholic Day STUDENT FREE DAY

Thursday 10 June @ 9am: P&F Meeting

Friday 11 June: Confirmation Retreat Day (Year 6)

Saturday 12 June @ 6pm: Confirmation

Monday 21 June @ 6pm: SAC Meeting

Tuesday 22 June: School PHOTO Day

Wednesday 23 June: Cross Country

Friday 25 June: DISCO

Thursday 1 July: NAIDOC Celebrations

Thursday 1 July: Last day of Term 2 for students

A note from the Principal

Dear Parents & Caregivers

We often hear about the importance of children developing emotional awareness and learning to regulate their behaviour accordingly. Schools have now assumed a lot of the responsibility and the Health curriculum is full of statements like, “They identify emotional responses appropriate to different situations and apply skills and strategies to manage relationships.” The question is though, should building the emotional capacity of the next generation of leaders be the sole responsibility of our schools?

SCSA certainly believes schools can contribute or it would not appear in the Health curriculum. However, a child’s emotional capacity can only be built through opportunities to practice managing their emotions in a safe and caring environment, and by watching the adults in their life model the appropriate behaviours in response to their emotions. Building the emotional capacity of our children is a complex task and one where both parents and teachers, home and school, need to be working together to achieve this common goal. Schools can adopt programs, we can teach mindfulness, we can deliver the Health curriculum, we can practice gratitude and give thanks to God in prayer but if these efforts are not valued at home then they will fail to be adopted by the child.

Our children need to learn that it’s okay to be angry but that doesn’t mean we lash out and hurt others. They need to learn that it is okay to be upset but that doesn’t mean we use harsh words against others. They need to learn that while it’s great to be happy, there will be times when they are not and that is okay too. They need to see us model healthy and respectful relationships and they need to see us discuss and communicate effectively even when we don’t agree.

In Catholic education we acknowledge parents as the first educators and are working hard to support you in developing your child’s academic, physical, spiritual and emotional capabilities.

Student Code of Conduct

Last week, our Year 6 student leaders sent home a letter to parents detailing the Student Code of Conduct and outlining the expectations, rights and responsibilities of students at St Mary’s. If you have not yet, please take the time to read the code and discuss with your children.

Casuals for Catholics

Our students will have a gold coin free dress day this Friday 4th June to participate in “Casuals for Catholics” day. This day is an annual fundraiser coordinated by the Bishop of Bunbury to raise awareness and funds for people with social needs in the general community throughout our Diocese. On this day we will also be hosting a Year 6 v Teachers Netball game.

Year 6 Confirmation

Our Year 6 students are busy preparing for their Confirmation coming up on Saturday 12th June at 6pm. The Bishop will also be visiting them at their retreat which is being held on Friday 10th June. We wish them all the best in their preparations and for their Sacrament of Confirmation.

Pupil Free Day

Following the long weekend, there will be a pupil free day on Tuesday 8th June. I hope you get the opportunity enjoy the extra time with your family.


Teachers are busy preparing for reports which are planned to go home on the last day of term. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact your teacher.

Winter Carnival & Cross Country

Thank you to Mrs Pettersen who coordinated this year’s Winter Carnival which was held at Hay Park in Bunbury. A fun day was had by all involved. Mrs Pettersen is now busy planning for Cross Country which will be held on Wednesday 23rd June.

School Photo Day

This year’s school photo day will be held on Tuesday 22nd June. On this day, all students must be in their full winter uniform including jumpers. If you have not yet received an order form, please collect one from the office.

The Good Shed

St Mary’s will be hosting a fundraising stall at the upcoming Donnybrook Goods Shed and Station Square opening to be held Saturday 19th June from 9am to 2pm. Shortly a note will be sent home to parents asking for support for the event. Until then, please note this date on your calendar. Thank you to Annie Hutton, Jodi Sheehan, Merrin Lowe and Jo Swarbrick for offering to coordinating the stall.

Year 6 Disco

On Friday 25th June, our Year 6 students will be hosting a Disco as a camp fundraiser. More information will be sent home to parents shortly.

CBCA Book Week

Please be advised that the Children’s Book Council of Australia book week, fair and parade will be held during Week 6 next term. The theme for this year in Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.

Carpark Concerns

Some parents have expressed their concern regarding the speed at which cars are entering and leaving the rear carpark. The safety of our students is paramount and as such I ask all parents to please slow down and keep an eye out for our children when driving through this area and the adjoining streets.

2022 Kindergarten Enrolments

Shortly, St Mary’s will begin advertising enrolment opportunities for Kindergarten in 2022. If you know of anyone with children looking to commence Kindy next year, please have them contact the office for more information.

2021 3-Year-Old Playgroup

Next term, St Mary’s will commence its first ever 3-Year-Old Playgroup for children preparing for Kindergarten in 2022. To register your interest, please contact the office.

Kind Regards

Mr Andrew Gammon


St Mary's 50km Club

Students from Years 1-6 are encouraged to have run 50km (250 laps of the oval) by the end of the school year. Students are rewarded with a special wristband as a token of their efforts at the 10km and 25km mark, as well as when they reach 50km.

Children are to meet on the oval at 8.30am on Friday mornings or at lunch time if they wish to participate.

P & F News

Our next P&F meeting will be held at 9am on Thursday 10th June. As always, parents and friends are welcome to join us and offer their support in building our community.

Containers for Change

St Mary's P&F have a collection BIN in the back car park for everyone who would like to help raise funds for the P&F. If you are wanting to drop containers off personally the school number is C10280626

Read-A-Million Words

The new badges have arrived and we are very excited to start presenting them at our next assembly. If you would like to receive one of these new badges bring in your 'Read-A-Million' completed sheets to the office.