Easy Member Pro 3.0 Review

Easy Member Pro 3.0 Review

Easy Member Pro 3.0 Review - Powerful, Convenient To Use Application To Create A Profitable Membership Site

One of the fastest ways to do so is to choose a niche where you have subject matter expertise and to then build yourself a membership site if you want to make money online.

The membership site enterprize model is real simple: make a site abundant with information and charge people a monthly or annual subscription fee to find that information. Maintain it updated frequently, put a forum and also a blog to make a good-lasting relationship using your members, and they can be loyal and stay subscribed for years. To study more information on Easy Member Pro 3.0 Review go to this link.

We've looked over many, various free, low-cost and-cost membership software solutions. The fastest way to build a membership site is to use Easy Member Pro, though yes, you can build these types of sites from scratch or even use Word Press blogging software to create an infrastructure for such a site.

Easy Member Pro has on the list of nicest user interfaces around. It truly is professionally designed, makes good application of screen real estate investment, and is particularly very intuitive. It includes the administrator with vertical and horizontal everything and navigation is clearly labeled and menu options reflect exactly what they are. It's hard to get lost on this application.

Easy Member Pro has many really nice features. Amongst my favorites is a chance to email your members. This is an extraordinary announcement in regards to site update, a monthly newsletter or maybe a special offer. What's cool in regards to this email module is a chance to send emails to specific groups for instance Free Members, Paid Members or All Members.

Easy Member Pro permits you to setup any type of subscription you prefer to use on your specific site: a month, 3 month, 6 month, one year or maybe a single time subscription fee.

Easy Member Pro has a built in affiliate management module enabling you to simply select the percentage you intend to pay your affiliates who will be making an effort to promote your membership site. Additionally you can decide on the method you intend to use to shell out them.

Adding new pages or managing existing pages is really easy with Easy Member Pro. Simply click Add page or for the edit or delete icons to perform for an existing page. You could decide on the order with the pages during the membership site navigation and sustain protected membership pages (that demand a member to login), too.

You be capable of will include a Single Time Offer for first time members allowing you to upsell Free memberships to Paid Memberships or even promote some related affiliate offerings.

Many membership sites offer incremental downloads this means month after month they give a new product for download to the members. The danger to this business model is that some people might join to download everything you offer and then cancel their subscription. You do more frequently than you might think, so you will need a solution to limit your losses.

While Easy Member Pro lacks a proper process for managing incremental downloads month after month, they certainly provide some online videos which teach you a work-around that may seem to address the challenge fairly well.

You could offer two kinds of memberships with Easy Member Pro: free and paid. You could use either PayPal or 2Checkout or both for your payment methods.

You will also be capable of Backup those critical databases that drive your Easy Member Pro site. It is helpful and ought to be done daily or weekly to help maintain the protection within your list and site contents.

While there are plenty of costlier membership site software packages, we found Easy Member Pro, pound for pound, feature for feature, to be the greatest price. Currently, one site license is $197 with an unlimited site license is actually $297. That's a good deal when you think about some sorts of packages run $5000 or higher! For more information about Easy Member Pro 3.0 Review, please simply click here.
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