Olive Elementary School

News from Mrs. Bush

Happy New School Year!

We've gotten off to a great start! The students are falling in to the routine of school, showing what they already know and learning knew things. Thank you for your support in preparing them for the best school year yet. We are thankful to have them and are thrilled that you share them with us everyday. Thank you, and we look forward to a great year!

New Staff Members

Flex Day- Friday, Sept. 15

We will be conducting our one and only Flex Day Friday, Sept. 15, when students will not attend school, but will participate in learning electronically. Please see our website for all information regarding Flex Day. Please note that there will not be a school open to children like last year.

Attendance Guidelines

The following absences are considered excused (with proper documentation):

  • An absence with a doctor’s written excuse indicating the specific dates the absence was necessary.
  • Students will be excused for documented medical appointments (dentist, orthodontist, and counselor). However, every attempt should be made to schedule these outside of the school day. In cases where this is not possible, students should be in school before and/or after their medical appointment. Leaving after 1:30 will not be counted against the student.
  • An absence due to the death of an immediate family member with verification from the funeral home.
  • An absence on the day the school nurse has determined it is necessary to send the student home.
  • An absence due to illness verified in writing or by phone from a parent or legal guardian, unless the student has excessive absences (as defined below).
  • The principal may excuse absences for extenuating circumstances. There is no excused absence for personal business.
  • An absence for the purpose of observing a religious holiday consistent with his/her creed or belief.

The following absences are considered unexcused:

  • All other absences not specified as exempt or excused, including but not limited to, truancy and absences not verified by a parent or guardian.
  • All absences due to illness without a doctor’s note after the attendance officer has issued a Certificate of Incapacity and it has not been completed by the physician and returned or has been completed by the physician and returned but the physician has indicated the students should have regular daily attendance.
  • All unexcused absences are considered a violation of the compulsory attendance law (IC 31-37-2-3).

Excessive Absenteeism/Tardiness

Excessive absenteeism is considered to be seven or more absences per year excluding absences covered by a physician’s note stating the student should not attend school. Two or more unexcused absences also constitute excessive absenteeism. Students with an excessive number of absences and tardiness will be referred to the attendance officer who may demand a “Certificate of Incapacity” which must be completed by a physician to determine if there is a legitimate reason for the absences. If a “Certificate of Incapacity” is not returned or the physician indicates the student should have regular daily attendance, all future absences without a doctor’s excuse indicating the specific dates the absence was necessary will be considered unexcused and are considered a violation of the compulsory attendance law under IC 31-37-2-3.

Staying Home from School

Here are guidelines for when students should be kept home from school:

  • Fever (oral equivalent) of 100 degrees or more (*Student must be fever free for 24 hours without medication.)
  • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • Skin rashes if spreading, drainage, or fever
  • Redness or discharge from the eye
  • Live head lice
  • Lack of appropriate immunizations

Important Information and Reminders

  • Lost and found is already building up! Please put student names on anything you can, including lunch bags, sweatshirts, balls brought to recess, water bottles, jackets, coats, etc.
  • Please be sure to collect and submit Labels for Education (through Dec. 21, 2017) and Box Tops for Education (all year). The funds received through these programs are very helpful for many things to enhance the students' learning experience.
  • Morning drop off- Students should not be dropped off prior to 7 am CST. There is no supervision until that time. Also, we ask that students are not to be walked to the classroom. All visitors MUST sign in at the office. If you need to speak to the teacher, please call, email or make an appointment. First thing in the morning is a VERY busy time for them. Thank you.
  • Birthday Treats and Invitations- We do not celebrate birthdays with food treats. Non edible goodies, books, or school supplies are welcome. Also, unless the whole class or all of one gender are invited, birthday invitations are not be be handed out at school.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 12 Anti-Bully Assembly

Sept. 15 Flex Day- Students do not attend school but participate in eLearning activities

Sept. 18-20 Grandparents' Lunches

Sept. 18-22 Fall Book Fair

Sept. 25 Picture Day