Grouping WARS!

A fun and EASY way to get analysis in your classroom!

WBHS--It's time for STRATEGY DIP!

This is a super easy strategy that ANY teacher can use in ANY subject area and in ANY class! We need to get more critical thinking in our classrooms, and this is a way to do it. Grouping Wars, as it was shared, was designed for some AP teachers to get their students analyzing. However, it's easily adaptable. We will share how to do it, and how Phil has made it work in his classroom.

WBHS Strategy Dip

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 8am-2:30pm

444 Allport Cutoff

Morrisdale, PA

This event is happening all day long, so come at your convenience.

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before: image to connect to prior knowledge

during: strategy exploration

after: How can I use this in my classroom reflection?

What are some ideas for adaptation?

Come on out of your hole and JOIN PHIL!!!

Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, & Creativity--"super skills" for the 21st century! This activity has them ALL!