To a place i dont know how to spell

Wicked (The Musical)

We went to see Wicked, witch was totally awesome! I sang along with the performers and for some strange reason, all the people around me plugged their ears... I must have been to awesome for them to bear! :)

Canoeing (In Water)

So... We went canoeing in water witch was so sad because it was at sunset witch is all romantic but we where all single pringels so mainly the canoeing was just awkward.


We went to a spa and got a full body message. Nothing too exciting, i got "shhhh"ed a lot but besides that, there was nothing really eventful.


I have a true passion for shopping. I LOVE shopping. I could shop all day. I could talk about shopping all day. I like shopping, shopping is good. We went shopping. We went shopping at the mall of America. Shopping there is fun. Shopping is fun. I like shopping. Have you gone shopping? I l Love shopping! Have I mentioned how much I like shopping?!