Summer of Golf

My Golf Tournament

Part 1

My picture represents physical science because I played golf and had to run up and down the golf course.

Winning the Tournament

we had just finished up the 8th hole and we all jumped into the golf buggy to drive to the last hole. I jump out of the cart and got out my driver and teed up the golf ball. My ball landed about a quarter down the course, three hits later I was finally on the green. So I got out my putter and walked up to my ball, I lined up the ball and putter to the hole, I took my shot and missed after another shot I was confident I would make it in this tine so I took my time carefully to line up the ball and putter, I was ready so I took the shot and finally i got the ball in the hole. I was so happy, so after my friend had got hers in, we jumped in the cart and drove back to the club then turned in our scores and I had tied first place with another girl in my group, I was so happy that I had got first place that me and my friends all went out for ice cream.

Three things about me

The first thing about me is that I love to play golf. I have a brother in second grade. Then the third thing about me is I was born in England then I moved to Switzerland and lived there for 5 years.