Instructional Technology Tidbits from the ITS

Malibu is on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? Malibu just hatched onto the Twitter scene this week! Follow us @MalibuESVB and be sure to tag us in any of your school posts.

Additional Tweets of interest are @BeachSupe (Dr. Spence), @VBSchools, @VBECC (Content Connections - Elementary Social Studies & Science) and the hashtags #WeAreVBSchools and #GreatDreamsNeedGreatTeachers.

Edmodo Connections

Have you joined Edmodo yet? If not, sign up and stay connected there as well!

Go to and log in if you already have an Edmodo account. If you don’t have an Edmodo account, create one using our school code cab711

Once you’ve logged in, you will need to join our Tech-Knowledge-Y group. On the left you will see any groups that you are a part of. At the bottom is the button to “Join Group.” Use the code zvmdds to join our Tech-Knowledge-Y group. I will be able to hold PLP follow-ups there and use it as a discussion board for technology happenings!

Formative Assessments

There are so many ways out there to formatively assess students. Here are a few tech tools to keep in or add to your repertoire. If you want to learn more about one, or collaborate on a lesson using one, let me know. I would be happy to help.

October is Connected Educator Month

The Connected Educator Month initiative is about networking educators worldwide, through connected professional learning experiences. Visit to learn more about the initiative and see some of the learning opportunities.

Check out this great calendar with daily ideas on being a Connected Educator! Anyone who brings me a completed calendar at the end of the month will receive a special treat! I will be happy to help with any of the items on the calendar (especially Oct. 22)!


Thursday October 29, 2015 ~ 3:30-4:30 Library

In this face-2-face & online book study Malibu teachers will be provided with the opportunity to discover web based tools for use with students. Participants will analyze and investigate tools and resources to make learning accessible for all students. Throughout the book study, participants will explore digital solutions for use with students in the areas of managing information, verbal persuasion, visual persuasion, collaboration, and problem solving and have the opportunity to apply these solutions with students.

This PLP session will meet face-to-face for 1 hour and then over a 6-9 week course, participants will complete 14 hour by participating in an online book discussion and reading the book. (15 PLP Points - {5 for reading the book, 5 for delivering a lesson utilizing tools from the book, 5 points for reflecting on student work})

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