Welcome to Pivot Charter School

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to join the Pivot Charter School program and family.

As a new or returning student of Pivot Charter school, you are bound to have questions. So, in an effort to make your transition from your previous school as smooth and easy as possible, we are pleased to welcome you to Your Road Trip to Success-Pivot Charter School Orientation!

Before you get started on your courses we ask that you follow this orientation guide and view each of the videos to complete your mandatory orientation. This orientation is designed to help answer all of your questions and to provide you with information about our online resources, policies, and services.

In order to view the orientation guide in its entirety, please click on the guide located in your email and view it in a separate browser. Please grab a pen, the handout provided by your EC, and take notes while you follow along!

Once you've completed the online orientation, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful Pivot Charter School student!


It's time to pack your bags and get ready for your journey with Pivot Charter School, please watch this video to learn more about the benefits of your unique school.


#2-Fuel Up

We know that you are ready to begin your trip, but first you need to fuel up for the journey ahead. Please watch this video about starting your courses.



Now that you are cruising along, it's time to check your mileage and ensure you are making good time. Please watch this video to learn more about your expected progress and attendance in your courses.



It's easy to get distracted on your journey. Please watch this video of success tips to help make sure you stay on course.



No trip is ever easy when traveled alone. Please watch the videos below and learn more about those that are ready to support you on your journey.


Occasionally you may break down. Please watch this video to learn more about how our 24/7 technical support team can help.


You are bound to get lost along your trip. Never hesitate to stop and ask for directions. Please watch this video to learn more about how your teachers can help you find your way and get back on the road.



A tour guide will ensure you don't miss any of the sites along the way. Please watch this video to learn more about your Educational Coordinator and how they can assist in making your journey a success.

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Congratulations, you have now completed your orientation! However, there is one final stop before you reach your destination. It's time to set some goals!

Setting goals helps increase your motivation, gives you purpose and direction, and helps you organize your time and resources. We encourage you to set academic and life goals throughout the year. To assist with this we have provided this Goal-Setting Worksheet.

After you click on the link above to access your Goal-Setting Worksheet, select file, then download, and complete it along with your parents or at home support system. Once completed, please turn the worksheet into your Educational coordinator. Now you are ready to get started on your classes!!!

Pivot Charter School Ft. Myers Staff

Kelsey Johnson - Principal / Athletic Coordinator

I have a Master in Education from FGCU, a TEFL certification from the Trinity College of London, and am certified in English 6-12, ESL k-12, and ESE k-12 through the state of Florida. I have been in the education field for 14 years as a teacher of English, ESL, and ESE as well as Head Teacher and Dean Of Students in Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Florida and California. Pivot welcomed me into their family community in August 2010 and I have been in love with this school and its vision ever since.

In every country that I have lived in, I have begun or taken part in some type of volunteer work whether it be building houses in India with Habitat for Humanity, beginning an environmental club in Japan and petitioning the town government to begin a recycling program, working at a refugee camp in Hong Kong or joining beach clean-ups. Serving both my community and my students is my passion. My goal is always to help each student find success and satisfaction in the learning journey. In my spare time I like hiking, paddle boarding, dancing, traveling, healthy living, and speaking foreign languages.

Lead Educational Coordinator III- Stephanie Maier

I am Certified in Social Science, which covers your World History, American History, Geography, Economics, and Political Science courses. I have lived all over the world in thirteen countries, training and teaching people about government. Some of my greatest adventures have been living in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Haiti and throughout The Middle East. I love traveling, hiking, reading, writing and helping students to dream big and set high goals for themselves. I was born and raised in Ft. Myers, and I believe that if I can reach my dreams, so can all of you!

Lead Educational Coordinator II - Alain Capucci

Welcome to Pivot Ft Myers, I currently hold a degree in computer science and am working towards my masters degree in Education Technology. I speak 5 different languages. Students are our next generation and the future relies on them, that's why I chose Pivot Charter schools and the next generation of students to Lead the future.

Lead Educational Coordinator II - Darrell Comrie

This is my second year at Pivot Charter School. I am Certified in Math grades 5-9. I have a bachelor's degree in Economics from Connecticut College and this is my fifth year working in Education. I look forward to a great year!

Educational Coordinator I - Sylvia Angstenberger

This is my second year at Pivot Charter School! Before I came here I taught German and Math at a Fort Myers High School for 4 years. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education and I am certified in Elementary Education K-6, Math 5-9 and German K-12.
I enjoy working at Pivot and I think our school offers a lot of possibilities for our students.


My B.S. is in Biology from Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH and my graduate work was in Chemistry at the University of Toledo, Ohio. My passion is in science and my professional career has been in laundry detergent and shampoo research. I've lived in Spain, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Egypt.

Educational Coordinator I - Tobie Duty

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Tarleton State University in Killeen, Texas. In 2007, I completed my Masters in Exceptional Student Education through Florida Gulf Coast University, then completed my Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction at UF. I am currently working on my EdD through UF and hope to graduate in 2016. I believe all students can learn and that teachers need to help students find the motivation they need to make that possible.

Educational Coordinator I - David Girard

My bachelors degree is in Sociology with a minor in Environmental Science from Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I have a Masters Degree in Education / Curriculum and Instruction from Florida Southern, in Lakeland, Florida. My teaching experience includes eight years of traveling and teaching abroad at various international schools and private schools. I have taught in Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, United States Virgin Islands, and Florida, under various curriculum. I truly enjoy teaching and working with our youth, I believe that our youth will pave the future for our planet.

Educational Coordinator I - Nicole Scarpaci

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Theatre from Florida Gulf Coast University, in 2010. I soon after received my teacher certificate in English, but I also enjoy History. I soon after realized that my true passion was working with students, helping them reach their goals both in school and life. Every student I have ever worked with is unique and smart, it is my job to help them see it!