Alyssa Moliis

What role does this topic play in lithosphere?

Between the crust and the mantle, the lithosphere contains giant plates that float on top of the liquid mantle. These plates are part of plate tectonics, which cause the different natural disasters. Earthquakes are caused when the plates collide with each other.
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How is this topic related to other topics we have studied in these modules?

This relates to other topics that have have studied like natural disasters and the Earth's layers. Earthquakes are one of the more common natural disasters, but earthquakes could cause tsunamis, which are worse than earthquakes. Earthquakes are also related to the tectonic plates, which cause earthquakes and form mountains and volcanos. Earthquakes are also related to the Earth's layers since they occur in the lithosphere, between the crust and the mantle.

Direct and Indirect Effects

I have not many encounters with earthquakes in my lifetime, only one little quake when I was younger. I only remember feeling confused why the ground was shaking under my house. I also remember my mom telling me about growing up in California, on the Ring of Fire. She tells me the same story over and over about the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, and how she stood holding onto a doorway as she saw a china cabinet falling and shattering everywhere.