World War II

President FDR's Leadership during WWII

Franklin D. Roosevelts Leadership Qualities

1. FDR was a quick studier.

2. FDR possessed the charisma to connect with Americans all across the country.

3. FDR was very self confident.

4. FDR possessed noblesse oblige, a sense of patrician duty or responsibility toward others.

5. FDR possessed a strong character.

6. FDR had a clear vision on what he wanted to do to help America.

7. FDR has the political skills to get his vision achieved.

8. FDR had a great reputation.

During the great depression FDR did not want to change America into another country, but to bring America back to its regular state of health. Already in the 1920s and ’30s, FDR was committed to transform the American people from isolationists to global citizens. He believed it would be fatal for the U.S. to do nothing in the face of militant Fascism, Nazism, and Communism. Long before Pearl Harbor he stubbornly persisted in wanting to help the British resist the Nazis, over the opposition of a majority of the American people as well as senior advisors like his Army chief of staff, George C. Marshall, and his ambassador to the U.K., Joseph Kennedy.

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By Sedona Joynt