by Isaac Reeder

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is one of the greatest authors of all time. He was born in England and his birth date is uncertain but people believe that he was born around April 23, 1564. People think that he was just a writer and an artist but he was actually a good business man. He build the largest open air amphitheater, this demonstrates that Shakespeare was actually really successful in that time period.

Why is Shakespeare so famous?

Shakespeare has a lot of unique aspects, he created many things that changed the future of the english language. He introduced almost 3,000 words to the english language and has done many other stuff. He has done many comedy plays that are really entertaining. He has many tragedy plays that were very famous and still are.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hamlet was written during the beginning of the seventeenth century. The story of Hamlet takes place in the country of Denmark in the late medieval period. Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and his personality is a little bitter and full of hatred of his uncle's scheming and disgust of his mother's sexuality. Claudius is the uncle of Hamlet he is basically the villain of the play. Hamlet's mom is the queen of Denmark, she loves Hamlet very much but she cares about her status more. The characters in this story are very unique, they have different personalities and different qualities that makes the story interesting and entertaining.

Why Shakespeare loved iambic pentameter?

Shakespeare really liked his plays to sound poetic but he also likes iambic pentameter because it was easy for actors to memorize the lines of the play. Another reason is because the rhythm of the iambic pentameter is the same as the heart beats rhythm. He loved using iambic pentameter because he wanted the play to connect with your heart and become an impact to your life.

Why Shakespeare?

Shakespeare has influenced many lives and still is. His plays are very vivid, they have emotions that are not explainable, these plays can tell a whole story like if it was an actual life. Shakespeare is very talented and many people think that Shakespeare actually changed many people's lives.

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This is an example of the Iambic Pentameter


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