The Internet

By Brandon, Trevor, and Greaser

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What is the internet made of?

The internet is made of tons of binary code and programming. The prospect of describing the exact details of what is inside of that code would be astonishing. The machines that are made to run the internet, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and phones are made of mainly plastic, minus some of the circuitry inside of it.

Who invented the internet, and where was it made?

Robert E. Kahn, and Vint Cerf were the masterminds behind the internet's development and success. The two men were working in the Pentagon to develop a system for American's to use. After years of studying and testing, they finally developed a computer that could access the internet. After this, computers were installed in government facilities such as NASA, and federal offices. This was all done during the 1950's.

How does the Internet work?

The internet is inaccessible without a means of connecting to it. This is where computers, phones, tablets, and laptops come in. These devices all connect to wifi, which is a wireless connection to the internet. Without wifi, the only way that the internet could be accessed from is by connecting an ethernet cable into the device that is being used. Wifi connects to satellites in orbit around the earth, and ethernet cables are connected to a router, which also connects to a satellite.

What is the Internet's impact on society?

Having a source as easy to access and use as the internet has made life a lot easier for all individuals that have obtained the means to use it. It allows for people to communicate anywhere in the world, as long as it has a wifi connection. Even without wifi, there are cellular data plans that allow for the device to be connected directly to a satellite without having to access wifi. The internet has made it so that there is nothing holding anybody back from ordering anything from any country in the world.

How has the internet impacted the way people use their resources?

The internet has become this everyday tool that everybody uses. Information on any subject can be found in mere seconds with the advanced software that is used within the internet. In today's world, it is extremely uncommon to come across any individual that has not obtained some sort of internet capable device at some point in their life.

How has the internet impacted the way people interact with others?

Anybody can contact anyone anywhere at any time, thanks to the globalization of this innovation. The internet has helped senators and political figures contact each other, and families connect with each other overseas, or anywhere else in the world.

How has the internet affected where people can live?

The internet is a primarily first world innovation, which doesn't usually spread throughout less bountiful countries. This leads many people of those countries to migrate into a more modernized country, which in turn fills up the country's population. People are moving to places that have internet connections, and it's leaving their home country barren.

What is the impact of the Internet on globalization?

The invention of the internet allowed anything to be posted anywhere in the massive sea of programming. It has made websites for people to collaborate with each other on, It has made digital games that people pass their time with. These can all be accessed at any time or place by anybody. It leads to people meeting other people across the world, and making new connections that will last a lifetime.

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