Bill of Rights


The first Amendment: Freedom

The first amendment states that we have guaranteed freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and press, and the right of people to petition the government.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech means that you can say anything that you want but it cant be slander or libel. That means that you can not make a false statement that can damage someones reputation and slander is when you make a false accusation about someone or something. You can still say anything that you want to say but it you can get arrested if it is libel or slander. I think that this was created because someones life was probably ruined from one lie someone said. People at this day and age things that

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion means that anyone can be any religion that they want and that they can show it. One example is the muslims wanted to build a place where they can meet next to the twin towers but some people didn't find that to be ok because they were the ones that crashed the twin towers. The judge ruled it to be ok because of the fact that they have freedom of religion. I support freedom of religion because we are America and that means that we have freedom and if someone from some where else wants freedom to but also wants to keep their same religion we should let them.

Freedom of Press

Freedom of press means that the president can not tell someone to not publish something unless it is something that will put our country in danger.The reason they made this law is because the king used to not let people say what ever they want and so if the king doesn't like it then he would most likely punish them. I think that it is completely fair to have freedom of press because us people should be allowed to know everything about this country that we want to know.

Freedom of Assemble

Freedom of assemble means that people can assemble places but they can't be on personal property. The king must have not let people stand ground and assemble for what they believe in so we put it in the bill of rights to show that if you don't believe in something let people know that and maybe they won't also. People are always having assemblies to show their feelings towards something one thing that can not happen though is having two assemblies for the same argument but each assembly on the other side. I think that having assemblies is great because it lets people show everyone what they believe them and it lets people feel like they have a say in life which is a great feeling.

Freedom of Petition

Freedom of petition means that anyone can petition about any thing that they want to petition about. The king most likely never let people stand up for what they believe in. Now as a free country letting people stand up for what they believe shows people that they believe in what they want to and let people know that. Now a days people use petitions to allow stand up for what they think is right and that is exactly what they were meant for. I think that Petitions really work because you can stand up for stuff but u can also get schools to realize that they need a new pool or something.

Amendment 8

Protects against excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment.

This means that this amendment prohibits excessive bail, the eighth amendment also prevents judges from ordering someone convicted of a crime to pay an excessive fine, and it prevents people from having cruel and unusual punishments. That all means that the judge can not enforce anything that is unfair just because he feels like it. This probably is an amendment because the king was always giving cruel and unusual punishments. I think that it is fair and it shows people that if they do something wrong they will be punished but only enough time that matches the crime.