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May 16-20 The End is in Sight!

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • Thank you to Nia for doing an amazing and organized job on STAAR. This was her first time and you would never have known!
  • Thank you to everyone for your efforts on STAAR! We had monitors, test administrators, people missing specials, adapted recess/lunch, silent walkers, and on and on and on. The efforts by all did not go unrecognized! You are so appreciated!
  • Thank you to PTA for the fabulous popcorn treat for Teacher Appreciation Week!
  • Thank you to Cheri for all she does! I hope you had a great Nurse's Day on Wednesday!
  • Thank you for covering for the TLs in their absence tomorrow!
  • Thank you to those that are going the extra mile to attend the PTA carnival on Saturday! It really means a lot to the PTA but mostly to the kids!!!!
  • Welcome to Fariba! Our last hire in the ALC/ELC! We are down to needing one fifth grade teacher!
  • There are three CRAZY weeks of school left! Jeans and shorts (appropriate length) are welcome! Also I am not keeping track of leave time so you don't have to fill out any more forms for leave early. We all have retirements, graduations, end of year fun with our own kids. Just work it out with your team, don't take advantage of it, get all your work done and be responsible!

Star Parking

Nurse Cheri-She volunteered to do the slideshow for the fifth grade celebration. She had only been here a couple of weeks! She already has front row parking but I didn't want her to go unrecognized. I guess that spot is free game next week!

Check out the slideshow here: https://docs.google.com/a/pisd.edu/presentation/d/1tXfZcXWapN2REx3v5cTcFLxXXgnNzxDggpGqodXQfMA/edit?usp=sharing

Important Dates

5/16-Parenting Class in Library @ 11:30

5/16-Jackie's Shower @ 3:00 in the Library

5/17-8:00-Noon-Jamey Out-On Secondary Panel @ Jasper HS

5/17-Fire Drill @ 1:00

5/17-Senior Reception @ 4:30 in the Library

5/18-Principals' Mtg @ Sockwell @ 8-noon

5/18-TL Mtg-Possible Cancellation

5/20-Lunch from Zoe's Kitchen by PTA


  • The Senior Reception is on Tuesday! If you were here with this year's graduating class I know the kids would love to see you!
  • Don't forget to drop PTA a thank you for our fun treats!
  • MAP testing is happening throughout the building over the next two weeks. Please be mindful!
  • I don't ask for mandatory attendance on many things but the carnival is one of them. Come and go, bring your family and have fun!
  • All of the TLs are out tomorrow. Please help out with the subs and thank you for being here as this is another day I asked everyone to be here! (I rarely do that)

Skaggs Strategy of the Week-T-TESS Domain 4-The Final Domain (Sounds like a Star Wars Movie)

Today's Terrific Tweet-5th Graders Celebrating their Last STAAR of Elementary School! <3

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