Annual Spring Camping Trip!

Mehlin Family Tradition

Annual Mehlin Spring Camping Trip

This is our family’s first camping trip of the year! We usually go to Lake Ouachita in early March. This trip is a celebration of winter ending and the beginning of spring. It is important to our family because we value nature and family time the most. We go every year as soon as the weather is nice enough. We sometimes invite our friends along with us to share the fun. It’s a lot of work to prepare for our trip but it’s worth it. We have to pack, shop for food, load the boat and unpack it, and set up our tent and the campsite. My dad even brings Christmas lights to hang in the trees at night. Sometimes we bring fireworks and light them. During that activity I hand out glow sticks. During the day we enjoy sunshine and boat riding. We value our time together in nature, away from the house. It gives us time to make our family strong.

Mehlin Spring Camping Kickoff

Friday, March 7th, 3:30pm to Sunday, March 9th, 2pm

Lake Ouachita, United States


6 am - Wake up and stoke the fire

7 am - Tell mom and dad to wake up

7:30 am - Cook eggs and bacon over the fire with Dad and eat breakfast burritos

8 am - Collect shells, rocks and sticks

9 am - Read a book by the campfire

10 am - RELAX some more

11 am - Pack snacks for a boat ride

11:30 am - Head out for a long cruise

3:30 pm - Return to the island and freshen up

4 pm - Turn on the tunes and get ready for sunset

5 pm - Kids roast hot dogs for dinner

6 pm - Put on pjs and hang out

7 pm - Hand out glow sticks

8 pm - Fireworks and s'mores

9 pm - Bedtime???

Sunset on Ouachita

By Lyndsay Mehlin