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Moving into the 2nd Quarter

The end of the first quarter has seen some great accomplishments by our students and staff. Just a few:

  • The student leaders and Ms Howerton planned and executed our best homecoming dance event to date.
  • Our marching band won 1st place for the seoncd competition in a row, this time taking the trophy at the Santa Cruz Band Festival.
  • Football continues to roll on their opponents, with another win this week over Mt Diablo HS.
  • Boys Waterpolo won another tournament this past weekend, taking the championship at the Tri Valley Invitational!
  • Our spirit program ran one of their most successful Junior Broncos clinics to date, working with more than 130 young spirit leaders, and putting together a performance to remember for Friday's game!
  • Girls Volleyball ran a successful Dig Pink campaign, raising funds for breast cancer research.
  • Our seniors are working on their college applications, with time and support in the form of letters of recommendation, as well as solid advice by our academic counselors, our teachers, and our college and career advisor, Ms Proznick.

I recognize that as I try to share all of the good news and acknowledge successes around campus, I will miss things. Please feel free to reach out with tidbits for me to share with our community at any time- I strive to get it all, and will just be open that sometimes I will miss!

However, One of my favorite bits of good news for the week is a note received for the girls volleyball team. While they competitively had a tough week against some outstanding teams, what they exhibited off the court is what is being recognized here, and THAT deserves a shout out. We received this email from an opponent's parent volunteer:

**I was working the entry gate and concessions for most of the games yesterday at Acalanes. I wanted to let you know how kind and happy all of your players were. There was a sweetness to the girls that just made my day - I especially loved watching the JV player watch her sister who was absolutely crushing (#3) - it was so everything!!!!!

Every parent and player represented your program in such a positive way when they cruised by my table - even when they left I got lots of thank you's.

Good Luck to you and your team!**

Character is everything, and I am so proud of our Broncos for shining and setting a positive example, on, and off the court.

Have a great week,

Kelly Cooper


What's coming this week!

Here is our week at a glance: (Check school calendar for exact times)

  • Monday 10/18 -COVID testing 3pm-6pm Room 91
  • Tuesday 10/19 -Girls Tennis vs College Park HS 3:30pm **SENIOR GAME**; Girls VB @ Alhambra HS
  • Wednesday 10/20- Water Polo @ CVCHS
  • Thursday 10/21- Wear Purple in support of LGBTQIA+ Anti-Bullying; Girls Tennis @ Campolindo; Girls VB vs Las Lomas *BATTLE OF THE CREEK*; Guitar Concert 6pm in Little Theatre
  • Friday 10/22- Football @ Concord HS
  • Saturday 10/23- Marching Band @ Foothill Band Review

Winter weather notes

Rain is a possibility for the end of the week, so I wanted to share some reminders about what might occur for our meal times so that everyone is on the same page. (as you know, due to COVID mitigation protocols, we take our meals outside, and masks must be worn indoors) HOWEVER

1- In the event of a rainy day, if it is actively raining during our meal breaks, the admin team will make an assessment about the feasibility of students going outside for lunch or brunch. If we determine students should have the opportunity to eat inside, we will make an announcement over the intercom, and have our teachers reinforce with an announcement as well. In the absence of such announcement, students are expected to continue to take their meals outside.

2- Students choosing to remain inside after this announcement will be able to get their meals at the break, and find a space inside the building and hallways to remain indoors while eating. There is no food allowed in the library.

3- Students must remain socially distanced while eating, and maintain 6 feet between peers.

4- Students should only lower or remove their masks while actively eating or drinking, replacing it when they are finished.

5- This is true at all times, but a reminder especially indoors, as we do not want to attract rodents or pests - ALL STUDENTS are expected to clean up after themselves, and avoid any trash or food on the floor/ground.

A huge thank you to our students for their cooperation and diligence!


AP exam registration began Monday, Sept 13 and will go until Tues, Oct 26 (late registration Oct 27-29). Here is a helpful video in preparing to sign up, by our own Rebecca Proznick. .

Class Codes are available in each individual class. Check with your teacher.

Colleges visit Northgate HS EVERY WEEK

Check out the College and Career Website, and THIS CALENDAR to meet with representatives from the college of your interest!

COVID protocols and Testing reminders

A few reminders for when your student is sick:

Any student ill with COVID-like symptoms must not return to the site until the following conditions are met:

  • Student no longer has symptoms
  • Student has been tested for COVID and the test is negative OR
  • Student was given an alternate diagnosis from a physician (with documentation) explaining the symptoms

If a student tests positive for COVID, please reach out to Ms Cooper asap to inform her so that contact tracing can be completed, and instructions and support given to student.

We do offer testing twice a week at Northgate, and every day throughout the district. See below for these days and times.

Note- for families who are not receiving their results- you can log in to view these at the phmlaboratories website. Click on patient test results. Follow prompts to get a login code.

The new protocols are as follows:

- testing is ONLY for MDUSD students/staff and athletes will have priority

- preregistration online is no longer required

- for the safety of those on our school campuses, staff/children with notable active symptoms (congestion, fever, vomiting) will be turned away and should be seen by your health provider or at one of the locations noted on the MDUSD website under "Other Testing Locations"

Check the district website for current locations and times.


College Park High School: 3:30 - 6 pm

Northgate High School: 3 - 6 pm

Riverview Middle School: 3 - 6 pm

Willow Creek Center: 10 am - 5 pm

Ygnacio Valley High School: 3 - 6 pm


College Park High School: 3:30 - 6 pm

Mt. Diablo High School: 3 - 6 pm


Concord High School: 3 - 6 pm

Mt. Diablo High School

Willow Creek Center: 10 am - 5 pm

Ygnacio Valley High School: 3:30 - 6 pm


Riverview Middle School: 3 - 6 pm


Northgate High School: 3 - 5 pm

Dent Center (1936 Carlotta Drive) 10am-5pm


Concord High School - Testing offered by PMH Labs - 10 am - 2 pm

Blood Drive- Students Only- November 10th

American Red Cross will be coming to host our first student blood drive! Students interested can sign up in person during lunch at the front patio. They must complete a parent consent form, and meet the minimum donor requirements listed below. They also must be fully vaccinated and show proof on the day of the drive.

We look forward to saving lives TOGETHER!

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Senior Portraits

Please contact Studio 1 for senior portrait appointments.
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Cap and Gown- Seniors

Cap and Gown ordering information was sent directly by Jostens to senior families- you can order online at this includes families intending to borrow cap and gowns for their seniors. Yes- it is that time!


We recently received a key update is in regards to students with direct exposure with a close contact- if this occurred at school, they are eligible for a modified quarantine, as described below. If the student was exposed at home, they must quarantine for 10 days if unvaccinated, regardless if they are showing symptoms, and they will need to test.
See below for more exhaustive protocols.
  • If your student has symptoms of illness, they should not attend school. If any of these symptoms are included in the COVID symptom list, regardless of vaccination status, your student will need to be tested. County testing sites are available, and testing is available through the district every Monday- see below for the schedule.
  • Students who left school sick with symptoms that may be indicative of COVID may not return to school until they have a negative COVID test, or a doctor's note indicating an alternate diagnosis. If they test positive for COVID, they will be required to remain home for 10 days as long as symptoms subside. Negative COVID tests must be provided to the school to return before the 10 days.
  • If a student is exposed directly to a person with a positive case of COVID, there is a flow chart to follow indicating what to do.
    • If your student was exposed, and is vaccinated, they may attend school, and participate in activities. They should monitor symptoms, wear masks at all times while indoors, and get tested 3-5 days after the date of exposure.
    • If your student was exposed, and is not vaccinated, if the persons involved were masked during this occurance and it occurred at school, they may attend school, but cannot participate in extra-curricular activities where a mask cannot be worn. They should monitor symptoms, and wear masks at all times, and get tested 3-5 days after exposure. If they were unmasked, or exposed at home, they will need to quarantine and test.
  • In all of these instances, we ask that you please communicate what is occurring with the office- we are required to paritcipate in contact tracing and notifying our student community when they have potentially been exposed, and we must have open communication to accomplish this.
  • Students missing school due to illness or exposure should communicate via email with their teachers, and stay updated on google classroom, where assignments will be posted.
All of these protocols are in place to keep all of our Northgate community safe. If you have any questions, please reach out.

NHS Academic Counselors are here to help!

Who do I contact?

Counselors return to work on August 9th

Academic Counselors

Vice Principals

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Northgate awarded US News & World Report Top Ranking- #6!

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