TAC Notes (Halloween edition)

Notable things from the Technology Advisory Committee


We're revisiting the idea of including library information in the BGSU Campus Map. Besides hours and bookable spaces and services, are there other things that you think we should include? I've included a few screenshots of the LC section of the app below. Email me your ideas!

Coming to a library REALLY near you.

1. TWO 3D printers are going to be installed in STAC soon. Hopefully we will be able to acquire a 3D scanner as well.

2. The LTI for LibGuides that J. Kloor developed is moving forward for campus-wide Canvas integration.

3. The LITS Manager position should hopefully be posted soon!

4. J. Kloor is looking at website use (with PIC) and plans on doing usability testing in the near future.

Campus ITS things

1. If you missed all the emails, there is a new ITS website. Check it out. https://www.bgsu.edu/its.html

2. It continues to appear that LITS will not be impacted by the AROC ITS review, but labs are still in question.