The New England Colony

By: Brock Sawicki

The Puritans come to New England

The Puritans came to New England in 1625. They came to make the church of England more pure and to have more freedom.

Rodger Williams

One person involved with the Massachusetts Bay Colony Rodger Williams. Rodger came with his family to the colony of Salem in 1631, and he became a minister. Rodger was a popular minister because both the people of Salem and Rodger shared the same beliefs. They believed that they should be separate from the government and from the church of England.

Anne Hutchinson

Another person that was involved was Ann Hutchinson. She was put on trial for making people work against the government. She was voted to leave the colony.

Thomas Hooker

Thomas Hooker was one of many who left the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He left because he did not like the way the Puritan leaders ran the colony.

Why they came

They came for a better life and to make the church of England more pure.

How they lived

They lived in wood and stone houses.


Their were many jobs but some of the main ones included the blacksmith, cooper, teacher, silversmith and farmer.