Isaac Newton

Back Round Knowledge

Isaac Newton was a very big part in the Scientific Revolution. He came up with a lot of different ideas that turned up to be correct, and will always be in science and history. He created/came up with the laws of motion, and the universal gravitation(difference between the forces that make everything move). Newton built the first ever practical reflecting telescope, and developed a theory on color with a prism decomposed white light into many colors. He also conducted many studies, such as, speed of sound, power series, binomial theorem, and roots of functions. With all of the theories and inventions, he has let science keep developing and advancing. Knowing the laws of motion and the understanding of gravity we are able to fly planes, and large ships float. We are able to calculate what the measurements of gravity will be on the plane to make sure it can still fly. Without these laws, and facts we wouldn't be as advance as we are today!