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Week of February 11

Early Release Thursday, 2/14 and Friday, 2/15

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Spelling Bee

Cassidy (top right), 8th grade student at Anthem School, proudly placed in the top 8 at the DVUSD district spelling bee. She will be competing at the regional spelling bee later in February. Congratulations to Cassidy and good luck!

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Conference Week

You've received the emails and notes home about conferences, but "Why should I attend?" you may be asking yourself?

  • Partnership - we want to work together in providing the best education for your child and you are key!
  • Students do better in school when parents are involved - conferences are a great way to be involved and learn about your child's education.
  • See examples of your child's work.
  • Hear about your child's strengths.
  • Discuss how you can help at home.
  • Learn more about our programs and initiatives - great things happen every day!

To sign up for conferences email your child's teacher for more information. We hope to see you there!

5th grade Biztown field trip pictures

Professional Development Update

Wednesday, February 6 was a release day for students while teachers participated in professional development. Anthem teachers received training from Ed Tech Team on how to use Google tools with students. As we are excitedly approaching 1:1 devices for our students, bringing in more iPads and Chromebooks, it is important that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills in how to effectively use these tools to enrich and extend student learning.

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All Things E.Q.

Hello Parents,

How do your kids view homework or household chores?

Helping your child focus on the purpose of the task, rather than how much they do not want to complete the task, can help build grit and perseverance. After all, as adults, we have things we do not want to do, but we get them done. When kids think about "why" they have to do their homework or a chore, they may come to realize that most of the things we "have to" do are done for pretty good reasons. For example:

Yes, you "have to" do your homework but isn't that because you "want to."

succeed in the future?


Yes, you “have to" feed the pets, but isn't that because you

happy, healthy pets?

Kids may have a hard time finding the purpose of chores because they don't usually have the same goal as we do. For example, most kids may not care at all if the house is messy or not. Therefore, saying "I "have to" do the dishes because I "want" a clean kitchen," doesn't ring true for most kids.

If one reason doesn't work, another might. Maybe a child isn't motivated by having a clean kitchen but would be willing to help their parents. Look what one 5th grade girl wrote:

“Let me start off by saying I used to HATE doing the dishes.
My motto was: Doing the dishes is boring and a waste of my time.
Then, I changed my motto to Doing the dishes is necessary and helpful to
my mom, since she goes to nursing school.”

And a fifth-grade boy wrote:

“I used to get out of bed on Mondays and think, ‘Ughhh, do I have to?’
but now I get out of bed and think about the good things that can happen during or after school.”

Finding a “want to” in the things we “have to” do can help make getting them done a letter easier. Purpose is important! Which is why our motto for this week is:

I find purpose in everything I do.

Have a great week,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q.

Upcoming Dates

2/14 & 2/15 Early Release at 12:05 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

2/18 No School

3/1 Early Release at 12:05 - Professional Development

3/6-3/14 BoosterThon

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