Planet Conolly

The greatest place in the universe.

Describe the number of moons, their orbit, and their impact on tides.

My planet has one moon that is 2x larger than our moon. When the tides begin to change, you had better start running because here comes the ocean. The tidal zone of my planet is so large that we have the most bi
  1. star type...yellow

  2. orbit...1.3 A.U.

  3. planet mass...1.8 times Earth

  4. volcanoes...yes

  5. plate movement...yes

  6. liquid water...yes

  7. Producers...yes

Expand ideas for a better project

Explain the axial tilt of your planet and its impact on seasons. Explain?

My planet has no tilt, thus no seasons. But my orbit is larger than that of Earth, so...

The mass of your planet and its impact on gravity.

My planet....


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