CONNERD summery

Conner (Connerd) has a dream. To become a famous artist, but it’s not going to be possible with his mum on his back about work and tutoring to become a doctor. Conner keeps his passion a secret from his mum because she doesn’t want her to get upset. One day Conner gets an opportunity to get in Mr Gales art workshop. He gets in but he needs a signiture from his mum which is never going to happen. luckely he fids some friends at school that help him become the person he alwasy wanted to be. Cool and become a famous artist.

why you should should read this book

Connerd is an enjoyable book with 49 chapters and 216 pages about a year six boy who got bullied a lot at school and his mum makes him do lots of work but it all changes when boys at school help him become the person he always wanted to be.

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My opinion

CONNERD is a great book that takes the reader in an imaginative world of torture and hard life.the book was enjoyable to read for three reasons. One, Imaginative. Two, it was harlirius when Conner started talking nerd or when he dident want to put on a cool cap, he wanted to keep his school hat on. And three, it was really enjoyable to read about a year six boy who used to be a big nerd and then turned into a cool and talented person.