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Nov.7-Nov. 14

Heroes Among Us...

As we head into the week that we pause to remember the heroes who protected our freedoms, there is an important quote that connects to us.

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -Bob Dylan

Each one of you realizes the responsibility of your freedom. It is seen each day in your classrooms as you continue to produce students who will also take on this responsibility of freedom. Continue to be a hero...

Have a great week!

Doug and Melissa

Tutors Still Needed...

Lakeview's After School Tutoring program will kick-off on Tuesday, November 18. The program will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. through March 26, 2015. We are still in need of several after school tutors. Each tutor will be paid $25 an hour for two hours of tutoring and one hour of planning per week. Please let Doug know immediately if you are interest in tutoring.
CARE Team Requests

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Accessing Students' IEP Information

It has come to our attention that most teachers are unaware that they have the ability to access the IEP's of the students in their classes.

Here are the directions to access a student's IEP through SISK-12.

  • Use Internet Explorer!
  • Once logged in to SISK-12 click on
    Special Education Documents (last icon on the right, looks like a stack of papers with a paper clip)
  • Type in the students name
  • On the right hand side, under the students picture, there is a drop down bar, click on IEP
  • All of the student's IEP's will show up. The top IEP is the most recent.
  • Click on the blue arrow to view it.

Please contact your student's case manager if you need any help or have any problems.
accessing any IEP’s.

The Week Ahead...

Monday, Nov. 10

  • Conference Summary Sheet Due Today
  • Teacher of the Year Nominations Due to Doug's Mailbox
  • 3-5 Collaboration moved to Friday

Tuesday, Nov. 11

  • 1:30 Veteran's Day Assembly

Wednesday, Nov. 12

  • K-2 Collaborations-Data Review w/ Don Rugraff from Ed+
  • Melissa Out All Day
  • 3:40 Grade Chair Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 13

  • 7:00 p.m. PTA Meeting in Library

Friday, Nov. 14

  • Doug out all day for iObservation Training @ Central Office
  • 3-5 Collaboration- Data Review w/ Don Rugraff from Ed+
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Election Day Voters

Thank you for voting November 4th to support Prop E. Thank you to all those who canvassed on Nov. 1: Allyson Liefer, Brittney Johnson and Katie Schlichter.
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Doug or Melissa will respond.

Happy November Birthdays...

Megan Malay- November 14

Marsha Sverdrup- November 24

Michelle Hagen- November 26