Franklin 2015 Countdown

8 days to go!

Getting ready!

We had a good turnout yesterday; great energy as faculty and staff readied for the new year. Our amazing custodians have our hallways and cafeteria sparkling and Tassa did a lovely job fixing up all our bulletin boards. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you Monday and Tuesday. Don't forget to sign in for up to 6 hours of extended hours if you come in before Wednesday. Ms. Jackson has all the forms.

Our Garden Overflows

The Franklin garden is thriving with all the sunshine this summer: Ingrid PH harvested these beautiful eggplants on Saturday. We are working to clean up and organize the outside classroom so that all our Franklin students can learn (and dig!) in our beautiful garden.

And for our Franklin DIYers...

Some interesting organizations hacks for your classroom. I love #10 - I want that bookshelf for our new staff room (room 12).

Professional Development Days and Gratitude

A second reminder that we will begin our two days of Professional Development on Wednesday, August 19th, at Mills College (the Gathering Hall in the Lokey Graduate School of Business) at 8:30. We will meet at Franklin on the 20th and you will have all day Friday to continue readying your classrooms.

Thanks everyone, for all I know you are doing to prepare yourself to be ready for our students. I hope that preparation includes making time for relaxation and joy!
I am so looking forward to seeing each of you in person in the next few days!
-Principal Ingrid