6th Grade Survival Guide

The Perfect Guide on How To Survive the 6th Grade

Welcome to Hickory

6th Grade is one of the most fun years ever, it's filled with memories and of course pencils.

-The first thing you notice will be the atmosphere will be much different it will be buzzing with excitement and people being nervous. But, have no fear I will take you through the guidelines so you are a 6th grade super star!


What the strike system is, is if you don't bring your pencil to class or don't get your work turned in, or maybe you forgot something in your locker you get a strike and if you get ten strikes in a quarter you are out of the 6th Grade Quarterly celebration and you have to do study hall for the WHOLE DAY!

Here is how you don't get a strike

-Be Ready for class

-Don't be a Maniac in the halls

-Remember your work and supplies for classes



Opening Lockers

Opening Lockers was tough at the start of the year and gets easier as it goes on! Soon you will be and expert! Some tips are

-Make sure you clear your combo by twisting your locker to zero a couple times

-Take your time

-Don't get frustrated if you don't get it the first time

- My last tip is you only have 3 minutes make sure your locker is organized so you can have your stuff ready!


Classroom Respect!

All teachers are different but, make sure to treat all of them with respect.

Speak nicely to all of them

Treat your teachers like your parents you wouldn't go smarting off to your parents so don't be sassy to your teachers!

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