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The Unworthiness of the iOS 7.1 to the iPhone 4S Battery and Its Other Features

With every update comes with compromise, and sometimes, these compromises can take a lot out of one’s system. The issue is always between practicality and being “in” with what most of the public are raving about when something new is released in the public, even if it is as small as an update with one’s operating system.

Days after the update, disaster struck and reports regarding the functionality of the iOS 7.1 have been fairly negative. The most prominent among them is how much faster it drains the iPhone 4S battery life, which cuts down the time in which you can use your device especially when you are always on the go. This is bad news for any of the businessmen who were supposed to be excited with the update.

Complaints regarding the occurrence have been at an all time high early on since it’s the new operating system was released, resulting in negative ratings coming from users, even from avid Apple fanatics. Now that is surely a shocker, especially coming from these fanatics. They would fight tooth and nail for their brand to trample over others who try to compete with it.

However, there are more severe issues aside from the iPhone 4S battery life running out too quickly with the new iOS 7.1 update. Other reports also added that the newly released operating system also allows thieves to turn off the Find My iPhone application even without a password which just spells doom for the owner.

The Find My iPhone application was developed in order for iPhone owners to locate their units even when it is stolen. Apple also added the pass code or touch security in order to make sure that thieves are incapable of gaining access to your setting where they can turn it off. However, the iOS 7.1 update makes all these precaution useless as a YouTube channel showed the public that it is in indeed possible to deactivate the application, remove the cloud settings, and reactivate the iPhone even without any of the added security measures – pass code and touch security – installed by Apple.

The question here is why the iPhone owner would upload such video which also basically puts his or her own unit in jeopardy. One can say that he or she is just trying to make other owners aware of the situation and spread the faulty new operating system. It is also a good way to let Apple know of the bug.
On the other hand, it also gives thieves a new incentive of stealing iPhones once more because if you are capable of doing so, what would stop them from stealing the phones when owners are once again going to have a hard time locating their devices once it is stolen.

You be the judge whether or not posting the YouTube video regarding the bug was a smart decision.

Again, with new updates comes with compromise. If draining the iPhone 4S battery was not enough, what more bugs should be found for you to realize that this update is definitely not worth it?

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