The Beatles

About the Beatles

Starting the band

The Beatle was a popular band starting from 1964 to 1970. Then they start a small club


The people in the band is John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Paul play rhythm guitar, Paul play base guitar, George play lead guitar, and Ringo play the drum.

The Beatles's rise and fall


They play on Liverpool England. They play for the queen of England, they play the piano and it last for 40 minutes. Their business name Ryan. Fans was everywhere, the only problem was people really want to see the Beatles and they was excited so they scream very loud. They started to record a lot of songs and the first song that they has record was the song She Love You. They also perform in show and the show was called Ed Sullivan. They really want to want to go to the United States so their song could be more popular. Finally they stop traveling and they was working on making more records. They also made albums too, the name of the albums was SGT, Sargent Pepper Lonely Heart club band.

The Band End

Finally at the year 1970 they split up because they want to do their different things.

Paul start a new band called Wings, George and Ringo record their new music but not together, John married and write his music with his wife Yoko, and the year 1980 John got shot by a crazy man.